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Reduce Junk Mail in Your Private or Digital Mailbox at Print-n-Post with these Solutions

Would you like to Reduce & Remove Junk Mail?

Do you receive ENDLESS amounts of Junk Mail, Catalogs, Credit Card offers, and Coupons for things you don’t want or need?  Each US household receives about 850 pieces of unwanted junk mail per year. Would you like to significantly Reduce the amount of Junk Mail you receive?  Check out these solutions to help in your quest to get rid of all that waste!


PaperKarma® is a mobile app that stops junk mail – real paper mail sent to your home or work, not email. How does PaperKarma work? The PaperKarma app enables you to to stop junk mail.  Simply snap a picture of your unwanted mail, press Send, and get unsubscribed. That’s it – just snap your unwanted mail away! In about 24 hours you’ll receive a notification that you’ve been unsubscribed. You can always use the app to check on the status of your unsubscribe requests. is dedicated to providing our World with valuable Information and Resources to Reduce, Remove and Rethink Junk Mail.  This site includes opt-out forms for Direct Mail, Sweepstakes, Shopping Flyers and more!

Many junk mail items are targeted toward residential addresses. Getting a Private Mailbox, like the ones we have here at Print-n-Post, provides a street address - but at a business.  So, much of your residential junk mail goes away.  Also, at Print-n-Post we pre-filter known junk mail so it never ends up in your box! Lean more here:



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