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Pick-n-Ship - Parcel Pick-up and Shipping in Vancouver, WA

Shipping with Social Distancing

As a convenience to our customers who can't easily come in to Print-n-Post we we are offer our “Pick-n-Ship” Service – where you can schedule for us to come and Pick up your parcel.  Your parcel can be pre-packaged or we can package it for you.  Once we have it back at our store and ready to Ship, we will contact you with shipping options and the cost.  Then you can simply pay online or over the phone. 

Contact Us us to schedule today! 

Below is a break-down of estimated fees:

  • $3.00 for a scheduled pick-up for 1parcel, in a 2.5 mile radius* from our store.

       *  North-South:  NE 18th Street to NE 99th  Street
           East-West:  NE 112th Ave to 182nd Ave

  • $1.00 for each additional parcel with your scheduled pick-up.
  • We will call to discuss Packaging and Shipping Fees.

What we need from you:

  1. Schedule the pick-up via this website:  We usually provide this pickup service Monday-Friday between Noon-3pm; however, schedules may change.  Include your Name, Address, Cell-Phone Number and Email address when scheduling.
  2. Include the recipient’s name/address/phone number on each parcel we are shipping for you.
  3. Indicate if you need us to provide any packaging for your items.
  4. Indicate how fast you want the parcel to get to your recipient.
  5. Place the parcel(s) on your door-step for us to pick-up 10 minutes prior to your schedled pick-up time.
  6. Be ready for us to call and discuss shipping options with you.
  7. Be ready to pay, via credit card, by phone or online, once we are ready to ship the item.


  • International Shipping.
  • Pre-paid returns (FedEx only) will only be accepted with items that we are packaging/shipping for you.  We cannot accept UPS, US Postal Service, or Amazon returns or pre-paid items.
  • Insurance will be limited to $100 for items that you have packaged and $500 for items we package on your behalf.
  • We will be unable to return the item to your home if you choose not to ship with us. You may come and pick up the parcel during our regular hours within 2 business days if you decide not to ship with us.
  • Additional exclusions may apply.

Have A Question About Our Pick-n-Ship Service?

Call 360.635.6450 or email today to learn more about, or schedule, our Pick-n-Ship service.

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